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. In./ ac: "a """ _-..'b e l s ~/ i h e I I ) f.. V 3 1 ; n S. i"Sunday, March 26, 2012 Shimano MTB Groupset – Pedals and Chain? One of the most talked about components on the market right now is the new Shimano MTB groupset. The advantage of a groupset is that it gives you the option of switching all components at once, giving you much more control. Not only that, but it can save you lots of time, and help you save money. So, what are the groupsets advantages? The main advantage of a groupset is that you can change all components at the same time. Most other components require you to change each individually. This makes a groupset more versatile. For example, say you are going for a ride and your saddle and chain ring are getting worn, you can simply change your chain ring and saddle, not having to change your cranks, shifters and brakes. Another advantage of groupsets is that they make you much more comfortable. For example, say you have an entry-level groupset, it can often be fitted with slightly less expensive components than more expensive ones. It’s much easier to buy a new bike and upgrade the groupset to one which is more suitable to your needs. The final advantage of groupsets is that they help you save time. If you are buying a new bike, you may want to save time, by buying a new bike with a groupset, saving you time by not having to purchase one piece of kit at a time. There are other advantages of using a groupset too, which I will touch upon later. With that said, let’s look at what Shimano has launched and how it compares with the current Shimano groupset: Shimano SHM12-2016 – The new SHM12-2016 groupset is the first new Shimano MTB groupset in 4 years. There are quite a few new features, but at the moment there are only two versions. The 12-2016 Shimano groupset is for higher level riders, with more demanding riding styles. It has a wider range of gears, 10 speed gearing. It is geared towards XC riders, and can be used in the Fall Line range of bikes. It is a wider, wider range groupset. The only difference



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Envi 5 0 License Cracked

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